Trawler Owning, Operating & Deep Sea Fishing

Trawler Owning, Operating & Deep Sea Fishing

Bay Trawling Ltd

Bay Trawling owns a operates a fleet of Deep Sea Fishing Trawlers specially designed for trawling of shrimps in Bay of Bengal. The trawlers have all the latest technical facilities like plate freezing on board processing and packing etc. The shrimps are processed and packed on board the trawlers keeping in mind different marketing configuration required by various markets.

Bay Trawling is one of the leading shrimp trawling and exporting enterprises in Bangladesh. This pioneering venture was the first to visualize the immense potential of the Bay of Bengal. The Company trawls in deep sea with sophisticated freezer trawlers constructed by our Group’s own shipbuilding unit. The company will Inshallah earn substantial amount of revenue in foreign currency. The Trawling unit employs a host of engineers and other crew members and contributing substantially in our national economy.

Japanese Counterpart for marketing & operational assistance.

The Company has entered into marketing, operational and technical services agreement with Japanese Counterpart “Central Fisheries Company Ltd” for optimum catch of shrimps and fish in the Bay of Bengal and exporting same to Japan. This Agreement will Inshallah prove useful for efficient operation of the project.





Bay Trawling Ltd

Expansion Programme

1. Multi-purpose Dockyard at Chittagong having following facilities:
a) Repair workshop for repair and maintenance of.
i) Deep Sea Fishing Trawlers.
ii) Other Ships
b) Mooring facility for Trawlers.
c) Slipway (Deep Draft)
2. Setting up of Freezing Plant at the Multi-purpose dockyard site for preservation of shrimps and white fish for export.
3. Construction of Refrigeration vessel-2 Nos.
4. Setting up of Fish Freezing Plant at Fatullah, Dhaka for freezing of Hilsha Fish collected from Barisal and white fish collected from Chittagong which will be marketed locally and exported to India (West Bengal).
5, Construction of 5 Nos. Deep Sea Shrimp Trawlers and 2Nos. of Deep Sea Fishing (White Fish)



Mitsui Zosen & Highspeed built a fleet of Deep Sea Prawn Trawlers

K.M. Mahmood ur Rahman Chairman of BTL, Capt. Ohga, K. Z. Siddiqui & our marketing associate from Marubeni Corporation of Japan in a happier mood together

Capt. N. Ohga

Capt. N. Ohga, a highly experienced person in the field of Deep Sea Fishing who contributed substantially in building our Deep Sea Trawling according to the climatic condition of Bay of Bengal. Capt. Ohga has served many prominent Fishing Companies of Japan including Central Fisheries of Japan. Capt. Ohga has been working as a consultant to Bay Trawling Ltd, and assisting us in our Trawler operation and overseas marketing. In fact, we are selling our fish & Shrimps to Japan through his arrangement. We are grateful to him for his help & support.
Mitsui Zosen designed a fleet of Deep Sea Fishing Trawlers in collaboration with Highspeed Group which are presently fishing in Bay of Bengal. The catches, especially the shrimps are all exported to Japan, and the product is aptly named as “Bay Gold”. The total marketing of “Bay Gold” brand shrimps is carried out by the Japanese Company M/s. Marubeni Corporation Ltd. Our products enjoy very good reputation in the market of Tokyo, Japan.