Shipbuilding with MES & Plant Engineering

Aerial View of Highspeed Shipyard
A Japan-Bangladesh Joint Venture

Dr. K. Maeda, Chairman of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (Japan) and Mr. K. M. Mahmood ur Rahman of Highspeed Shipbuilding Engineering Company Ltd. (Bangladesh) are signing joint venture Agreement in 1980, at JBC office Dhaka.

It is a source of great satisfaction and pleasure to introduce our joint venture with the Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (MES) of Japan and highlight our achievements over the past decade. The following pages will show our activities over last 3 decades.


SHIPS BUILT BY Highspeed Shipbuilding & Engineering Co.Ltd.

Highspeed & Mitsui Co. and Shimonoseki Zosen worked Together and supplied the first two brand new multipurpose type container ships to Bangladesh Govt. under special yen credit. Both the ships are being operated by Bangladesh Shipping Corporation (BSC) successfully, each having a DWT of 16.500 Tones. The photo shows the historical launching ceremony of these two vessels built to the highest Lloyds Class. The occasion took place at Shimonoseki Zosen in 1979.


Construction of the first two 16500 DWT MPC Ships

Highspeed Group worked closely with MBK (Mitsui & Co.) of Japan and built the first two brand new 16.500DWT, Lloyds Class, Multipurpose Container Ships under special yen credit at Shimonoseki Zosen, Japan for Bangladesh Shipping Corporation in 1979.

Mr.K.M.M. Rahman and Mr. M. Hassan, Highspeed Group, Mr. Zahedur Rahman (Lloyds Bangladesh), Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed (BCCI Tokyo), Capt. Q.B.M. Rahman (DG, Shipping Bangladesh) and Mr. Salauddin Ahmed (G.M. BSC) were present on the launching occasion in Shimonoseki Shipyard, Japan in 1979, The representatives of Mitsui & Co, and Shimonoseki Zosen were the host on that occasion.


A Letter from our partner-MES

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd
Tokyo, Japan
July, 2001


Mr. K.M. Mahmood ur Rahman

Managing Director
Highspeed Shipbuilding &
Heavy Engineering Co. Ltd.

Dear Mr. Rahman,
It is our great pleasure that our joint Venture Company in Bangladesh “Highspeed Shipbuilding & Heavy Engineering Co. Ltd.” has completed the construction of various kinds of vessels inclusive of the ones classed with international building societies since the establishment of the company.
In view of the business field other than shipbuilding, a considerable amount of technical expertise has been accumulated through the implementation of on-shore engineering and construction works, such as Jamuna Fertilizer Project, Kaptai Hydro Power Project, among other similar projects which you implemented in association with renowned multinational companies.
In addition, the joint venture company takes a substantial part of construction of the Barge for Barge Mounted Power Plant at Mymensingh, together with its installation at site. We are confident that it is really the cream of painstaking endeavour of our Bangladesh-Japan joint venture cooperation, and wish the company a successful development and a brilliant future.

Yours Faithfully,
Toshimichi Okano


First Shipbuilding Joint Venture Agreement Signed (MOA) with Japan

Mr. S. Date, Managing Director & Mr. A. Hagishima represented Tokyo Freighting Ltd. & Mr. K.M Mahmood ur Rahman represented Highspeed Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd. in MOA signing ceremony on 19th June, 2008. Tokyo Freighting Ltd. a leading Japanese company signed this MOA with Highspeed Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd. to build ships (2000 DWT to 5000 DWT) in Bangladesh for Japanese owners/operators. This is a historic event in the Shipbuilding Industry of Bangladesh



We have extensive repair facilities in our shipyard to repair all kinds of water crafts ranging from 500DWT to 3000DWT. Todate we have repaired hundreds of vessels i.e. Oil tankers, Dry Cargo Vessels, Passenger Ferries, Tugs, Deep Sea Fishing Trawlers, large dumb barges & other specialized vessels. We have 5 (five) heavy slipways which can lift vessels up to 3000DWT & 3 (three) large cranes ranging from 20 ton to 50 ton SWL with a full-fledged workshop facilities covering all the necessary tools & machinery. We have trained expert professionals who have been working in our workshop for last two/three decades. We have our own substation & stand by generators of upto 1000KVA to ensure uninterrupted work round the clock. This is why we enjoy a good reputation.


We built this vessel- a fast moving Coastal Patrol Boat having 23 knots cruising speed, fitted with two 1400 H.P. Deutz engines, The vessel, utilized by Bangladesh Navy has been built to N. K. class. The vessel was fully designed & built by our engineers in 1983.


We have built this 1500 DWT N.K. classed (International Ship Classification Society) Oil Tanker recently. The Vessel is chartered to Meghna Petroleum Ltd. and is utilized to carry all kinds of Petroleum products. The vessel was designed and built by our Shipyard entirely within only 9 month time.


We built this 1250 DWT Coastal Oil Tanker to N. K. Class. This vessel is utilized to carry all kinds of petroleum products for Jamuna Oil Company from Chittagong to all inland ports. The vessel was designed and built by our engineers and technicians in only 9 months.

Highspeed built various kinds of Ships to NK (Japan), ABS (USA) & Lloyds (UK) class.


For the first time in the history of Bangladesh, Highspeed Shipbuilding won an open international tender for construction and supply of 8 specialized food grain carriers ABS class (shallow draft) from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nation, competing against a large number of shipyards who participated from all over the world. This event proves our substantial cost advantage over Western, Japanese and Far Eastern Shipyards and also speaks of our technical capabilities. We built these 8 self-propelled barges for FAO under Swiss Govt.’s Food Security programme funding. The Vessels were donated to Bangladesh Govt. for carriage of food grains from coastal belt to inland shallow areas, like North Bengal. The vessels were specially built and designed for Bangladesh inland waterways.


A 1000 DWT Oil Tanker Being Enlongated at our Shipyard Under NK Class