Chairman’s Message

“In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful”

 The Organization which has grown into the Highspeed Group began over 50 years ago, with inland water transport and ship building, as its core business. Its founder worked very hard and achieved notable growth within its first decade. Over subsequent decades a young dynamic management diversified and applied innovative methods and business techniques and achieved phenomenal growth. Today Highspeed is a highly respected nation-wide name in activities as diverse as international and domestic shipping, deep-sea fishing, shipbuilding and heavy engineering and construction of large infrastructure projects including international trading. Highspeed Group has expanded its business in association with renowned multinational organizations like Mitsui Group of Japan and the Inchcape Group of U.K. The Group also represents renowned manufacturers of USA and Europe among other countries. The Group employs thousands of skilled and semi-skilled personnel and contributes substantially to the national economy. Highspeed believes very strongly in the entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs, however, not only work as individuals here but also as members of a “team”. The team of highly imaginative and dedicated professionals with proven technical and managerial skills, have taken the Group from success to success.

Highspeed Group has 19 companies, specializing in the field of plant Engineering & Ship Building in collaboration with Mitsui of Japan and its affiliated Company, Birds Bangladesh Agencies Ltd specializes in world wide shipping container services. The other companies are working in the field of International trading, Civil Construction and in Air & Sea Freight forwarding. The Group is deeply involved in Deep Sea Fishing and in carriage of POL Products. The Group ranks among the top companies of Bangladesh and employs thousands of workers and engineers throughout Bangladesh.


By the grace of Almighty Allah MANKIND HAS: achieved the impossible, conquered the insurmountable, accomplished the improbable,-ONLY BY EFFECTIVE MOBILISATION OF HUMAN RESOURCES, AT HIGHSPEED We work together to harness the human resources for the human race.