Fabrication of Steel Structures Fabrication of Steel Structures
Storage Tanks 10,000 Tons Capacity Storage Tanks
Built by Highspeed ABS Class Shallow-Draft type Food Grain Carriers for FAO (UNDP) built by Highspeed
Deep Sea Fishing Trawler Deep Sea Fishing Trawler built by Highspeed
1500 DWT. Oil Tanker 1500 DWT. Oil Tanker built by Highspeed (Class N.K)
Highspeed & Interbeton Highspeed & Interbeton B. V. build Container Terminal for CPA under IDA Credit
Highspeed & Mitsui Highspeed & Mitsui Built Barge Mounted Power Plant under ADB Finance for RPC
Highspeed Highspeed sings MOU with Tokyo Freighting to build Oil Tankers for buyers of Japan